One-on-One Instruction

At the beginning of your path you will need personalised instructions and a significant amount of face-to-face engagement. Every practitioner is different. These differences relate to character, energy, health, personality, and intellectual configuration. The Buddha provided around 38 objects of meditation for various kinds of practitioners and their preferences. 


All authentic Buddhist practices are based on the path the Buddha taught. That path is known as the Noble Eightfold Path, often visually represented by an eight-spoked wheel. It's vital to study and become thoroughly acquainted with what this path is, as well as what it is not.


The eight spokes of the wheel are: 

  1. Right View

  2. Right Intention

  3. Right Speech

  4. Right Action

  5. Right Livelihood

  6. Right Effort

  7. Right Mindfulness

  8. Right Meditation (Samadhi, in the Buddhist language of Pali)

These practices have one taste and one aim, freedom from suffering, be it stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief, greed, or delusion. One-on-one instruction is provided to the beginner practitioner on understanding and practicing each of these.

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