The Centre

Ghatikara (pron. gah-tee-ka-ra) Dhamma Centre (GDC) is a Theravada Buddhism resource for those practicing or seeking to practice Buddhist Wisdom, Buddhist Moral Conduct, and Buddhist Meditation. It serves students in both Australia and the United States. GDC does not charge fees for any of its teachings or services. Running the centre and Dhamma teaching is the full-time occupation of our teacher John Hattom and the centre relies on gifts from generous students like you.

The centre is named Ghatikara in honour of the very ancient Buddhist layperson and potter, GhaṭikāraHe was a disciple to the Buddha Kassapa, who came and went before the Buddha of our age, Siddhattha Gotama. Ghatikara was generous, harmless, mindful, chaste, and very kind. He wanted to be a monk but because his old parents were both blind, he remained a layperson and took care of them. As a result of his practice and development, he became a non-returner, someone who has extinguished the false view of an inherent self, and who has also extinguished all gross and subtle forms of aversion (anger, ill will, hate) and craving (desire, lust, attachment).

GDC adheres to Theravada Buddhist instructions and a strict moral conduct of harmlessness but it has a Mahayana heart with an emphasis on heartfulness, friendship, compassion, and humility. 

E. John Hattom - Dhamma Teacher & Author

John Hattom (Dhammadasa) is an American-Australian Buddhist teacher and author. He teaches traditional Buddhism and relies on the direct teachings of the Buddha Siddhattha Gotama as found in the Suttas (discourses) of the Pali Canon. He is author of the book 'The Heart Blooms in Silence: Reflections from a Year in Solitary Meditation' and of an upcoming book on the joy of freedom from anger. 


John is a 'Sutta Purist' and believes that the direct, un-reinterpreted and unmitigated teachings of the Buddha are the fastest and most effective path to freedom from suffering, unsatisfactoriness, and stress. He follows the Theravada school of Buddhism, the oldest Buddhist school in existence but is strongly influenced by the Mahayanist spirit of heartfulness, friendship, compassion, and humility.   

He is a former human rights advocate who worked for ten years on behalf of oppressed religious minorities. He has studied law, philosophy, and English literature in Australia and environmental economics in the United States. John currently resides in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Ryan R. Gorman, MSN, RN, PMHNP - Dhamma Therapist

Ryan is an experienced and caring Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who offers high-quality teletherapy with special expertise in the treatment of post-traumatic stress and developmental attachment wounds.


With a strong passion for healing, she provides a safe and non-judgmental space for all human beings no matter how they identify. As a committed Theravada Buddhist, Ryan values and practices lovingkindness, deep listening, empathy, patience, and compassion. She uses a holistic approach combined with evidenced-based therapies (EMDR, DNMS) which support the brain's natural ability to heal from trauma.

She provides mental health services in both the United States (Virginia) and Australia.

Click here to learn more about Ryan or to contact her for a free 15-minute consultation.